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Character per line: How many character to be printed per line in the receipt.
Line per page: How many line to be printed per page in the receipt.
Item Code/ Barcode Width: The width of the printed barcode.
Show item code: Show item code in printed receipt.
Show barcode: Show barcode in printed receipt.
Print 2 copy of receipt: Print 2 copies of receipt after payment.
Auto cut receipt: Auto cut on the end of receipt.
Print receipt after made payment: Immediately print receipt after payment.
Don’t tick print receipt: The print receipt option in payment notification will be uncheck after payment.
Don’t print receipt: Check this option if printing of receipt after payment is not required.
Don’t show print dialogue: Don’t prompt print dialogue during printing. If this option is ticked, system automatically will print the receipt with default printer.
Show remark for reprint receipt: If the receipt is reprinted, show ‘Reprint’ in the receipt.
Show Computation (For Close Counter): Show cash computation in close counter report.
Don’t print hold bill: Don’t print receipt for hold bill.

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