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This module allows authorised user to set recurring transactions and generate them manually or automatically. It can be billed daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

Check the checkbox of Recurrence to enable it.

Set Recurrence for Transaction

1. Name of the recurrence.

2. Document number format for recurrence transactions. (Refer to General Maintenance > Document Numbering Format Maintenance)

3. Select the debtor account which you want to generate the recurrence transactions. You can select multiple debtor account for one recurrence.

4. Choose to create the recurrence transactions daily, weekly or monthly (12 months for annually).

5. Choose the period setting for the recurrence transactions. This setting will change based on the option daily, weekly or monthly.

6. To set the range of recurrence, the start date and the end date. The end of recurrence can be after a number of occurrences or end by a fixed date.

7. To generate the date for recurrence transactions

8. To show all the recurrence transactions information based on the setting

9. To inactive recurrence

10. Save recurrence setting and execute the first recurrence transaction if range of recurrence is meet.

11. Save recurrence setting.

12. Close the recurrence without saving.

After you have set the recurrence billing, you can always go to Others > Manage Recurrence to amend the recurrence setting.

For example: I have set the recurrence to daily billing on Debtor- Auto Count Sdn Bhd.

The next day when I log in to my AutoCount, the system will auto generate the invoice for billing.

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