Report Design: How to add Total Quantity (Total Quantity + Total FOC Quantity) in the report footer

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Question : I wish to add Total Quantity which is (Total Quantity + Total FOC Quantity) in the report footer. How can I add it?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Use Calculated Field.

1) Right click on Invoice Detail and select Add calculation field.

2) Right click on the calculatedField1 and select Edit Expression.

3) Key in [Quantity] + [FOCQty] in the Expression Editor and click on OK.

4) Drag the calculatedField1 to the footer.

5) Click on the small arrow above the newly added label to prompt the label task box. Click on Summary.

6) At Summary function, select Sum and under Summary Running, select Report. Then click on OK.

7) Save the report to new report name and preview it. The Total Qty is showed at report footer.

By : Cheryl 190301, Lay Swan 190312, P190319

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