Report Design: How to add sequence number in Invoice Detail Listing Report

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Question : The invoice detail listing report is without sequence number, how can I add it into the report?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

1) Go to Sales > Invoice, click on Print Invoice Listing and select Print Invoice Detail Listing and click on OK

2) Go to Report > Design Detail Listing Report

3) Select report named Invoice Detail Listing, then click on Design

4) In the report design, under the DetailBand1, resize the first label to allocate a space in front for the sequence number.

5) Go to Standard Controls at the bottom left of you report design, drag and drop the Label to the allocated space

6) Click on the small arrow above the newly added label to prompt the label task box. Click on Summary

7) At Bound field, select Sequence Id to bind it to the label

8) At Summary function, select Record Number and under Summary Running, select Report. Then click on OK

9) Go to File > Save As…, key in the report name and click on Save

10) Inquiry and preview the newly saved report.

By : Michelle 180914, Lay Swan 180919, P180919

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