Report Design: How to change the word “Serial No.” to “Imei No.” in Invoice Report

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Question: Currently when I print Invoice with serial number item, it shows Serial No.:. How can I change it to Imei No.:?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


1) Go to Report > Design Document Style Report, select the report to design and click on Design.

2) Click to select field SerialNoListCalc, then right click on the same field on the Field List, and select Edit Expression.

3) Copy and replaced with Iif([SerialNoList] == null, ' ', 'Imei No.: ' + [SerialNoList]) in the Expression Editor, then click on OK.

4) Go to File > Save As..., save this report format with a new name.

5) Preview the report using new report format, now it shows Imei No.:.

By: Lay Swan 230111, P230126

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