Report Design: How to combine 2 fields into one label in Report Design

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Question : How can I combine 2 fields into one label?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

In Invoice, go to Report > Report Design Style Documents > Select Report > Design.

Example: Combine Item Description and Item Description 2 into one label in Invoice, this new label will replace existing label called Description in report.

1) Right click and delete the field Description.

2) Drag out a new label and adjust the size.

3) Double click on the label and delete the word inside the label.

4) Drag out Item Description drop it onto the label, put a space then followed by drag and drop Item Description 2 onto the label.

5) Go to File > Save As.., save as a new report name.

6) Try to preview the report, now both item description and item description 2 are using the same label.

By : Ella 200811, Lay Swan 200821, P200824

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