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Question: I wish to add a QR Code onto invoice report so that customers can scan the QR Code directing to our Official Facebook Page and get the latest info. Is that possible to be done?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Yes. As QR Codes are a vital marketing tool now, AutoCount provides this feature in report designer.

1. Go to Tools > Report Design Center, select an invoice report to design.

2. At the bottom left of report, select Barcode and drag it out to any empty space.

3. Click to select the barcode and go to the property grid at the right of the report, find out Symbology.

4. Change the symbology from Code128 to QR Code.

An URL as below will used to show on how to redirect to web page.

Compact Mode: Byte

Error Correction Level: Q

Type of Compaction Mode & Error Correction Level

5. Resize the QR Code by changing your Height & Width at the right side of size column.

Example: 100,100 or 30,30 or etc.…

Or you may drag the column of QR Code to adjust the size directly.

6. Type the web link into Text column, you may bind the field to QR Code as well if you wish to get the info other than web link.

7. Preview the report and print it out to scan the QR Code.

You may redirect to our new wiki Page.

By: CK 180330, KM 180406, P180409

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