Report Design: How to hide the report header on the last page of report

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Question: I want to show only terms and conditions on the last page of report. How can I hide the report header on the last page of report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


1) Take Quotation as example, go to Report > Design Document Style Report.

2) Select which report that you wish to edit and click on Design.

3) Right click on the panel of PageHeader and select Insert Band and then ReportFooter to insert a report footer.

4) At PageHeader > click on the small arrow > then change the Print On to Not with Report Footer.

5) At ReportFooter1, select Page Break and drag it out to any empty space before the terms and conditions.

6) Click on File and Save As to save your report.

7) Rename the report and click on Save.

8) You may preview with the new report now. The report header should be hidden on the last page of report.

Remark: This report cannot use for batch print.

By: Jodie 221202, Lay Swan 221216, P221221

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