Report Design: How to insert user signature on report?

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Question: How to insert user signature on report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0 / 2.1


1) First you must load the signature at the User Maintenance.
Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance, select the user and click on Edit.

2) Right click on the signature and click on Load to load the image of signature.

3) Browse the folder where your signature image is located, select the image and click on Open.

4) Click on Save.

5) Go to Tools > Report Design Center > Select the report > click on Design.

6) Go to Field List > 2 Basic Data: Current User, drag out the Signature field, and change the Sizing to Stretch Image.

7) Click on File > Save As… and save into new report name.

8) Preview the new report, now the signature is shown in the report.


1) If the signature is not shown, please re-login AutoCount, because the signature just added in User Maintenance, must re-login to take effect.
2) The signature load is for current login UserID, instead of created UserID.

By: Soh Wee 231030, Lay Swan 231110, P231121

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