Report Design: How to print 2 pages of half page documents into 1 page of A4 paper

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Question: Is there any way to print 2 pages of half page reports into 1 page of A4 paper?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Yes, just export the report to PDF format.

1) Preview the report and select Export to PDF.

2) Open the PDF file with Google Chrome or other browser and click on Print.

The below screenshot is using Google Chrome, using other browser may display different printing dialog.
Click on More settings, then choose the options as below and click on Print.

Pages per Sheet: 2
Scale: Fit to paper

3) You may open the PDF file with PDF reader software too, and choose the selected options in the print dialog: (The screenshot shown is using WPS Office)

By: Cit Ta 230913, Lay Swan 230915, P230920

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