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Question: How can I change the design layout of cheque printing from horizontal to vertical?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


The layout of cheque in system is horizontal by default. You may change the layout to vertical and readjust the size or position of the fields to suit the format of cheque from bank.

1. To design Cheque report, go to Cash Book or A/P Payment, click on Report and click on Design Payment Voucher Report.

Or you may go to Tools > Report Design Center.

2. search for cheque report and click on Design.

3. Select all the fields and go to Behavior > Angle; change the Angle from ‘0’ to ‘270’.

4. Adjust the size and position of the fields to follow the format of cheque from bank.

5. Click on Report, go to Page Setting to set page height & Width (follow your paper size or printer setting)

1 inch = 100


Paper size height 8 inch x width 7.5 inch

System need fill in Page Height: 800 & Page Width: 750

6. Click on Save as button to save your report.

7. Rename the report click on Save.

Now, you may print the cheque in vertical format. If the position or size of the fields is incorrect, you may retry the step 4 as above.

By: CK 180205, KM 180206, P180207

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