Report Design: How to show Debtor email address on Official Receipt

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Question : How to show Debtor email address on OR ?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

In order to show debtor’s email address on OR, you need to use the tag function. The format of @GetSingleValue is:


Example : To show debtor’s Email Address on AR Receive Payment

1) Add a new blank label somewhere at the Header of the report so that result can be displayed after data retrieval.

2) In the label’s property, fill in the data tag according to the format of Get Single Value.

Eg: @GetSingleValue:Debtor:EmailAddress:CompanyName=?::DealWith

3) Save as a new report name and try to preview your report. The email address is showed in the report.

Note: For more details about Tag Function, please refer to the link as below.

Report Design: How to use tag function in report

By : Aisyah 190329, Lay Swan 190408, P190408

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