Report Design: How to show branch detail at Debtor Listing Report

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Question : How can I print debtor listing report with the branch code and branch name?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

The original Debtor Listing Report does not show branch details, you need to edit report design to add it in.

1) Go AR > Debtor Maintenance, click on Print Debtor Listing

2) Click on Report > Design Listing Style Report

3) Click on system report named Debtor Listing and click on Design

4) In report designer, right click on Detail > Insert Detail Report and click on “Branch Detail”

5) From Field List drag out Branch Code and Branch Name onto DetailReport – “1 Main Data: Debtor Master.BranchDetail”

6) Go to File > Save As…, key in a new report name and click on Save.

7) Click inquiry for Print Debtor Listing, and preview with the new report.

The branch info are shown in the report. Further fine tune or adjust the appearance if necessary.

By: Aimi 180712, Lay Swan 180712, P180719

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