Sales: Change the caption of “GST Payable” at the footer of Invoice Report

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Question: Can I change the caption of GST Payable at the footer of my invoice report?

Version: 1.8


Yes. You may follow the steps below on how to change the caption.

1. Original caption – GST Payable @ 6% on 143.00 (Refer Image 1)

Image 1

2. Go to Tools > Options > Customize Invoicing 2. You should able to see a GST Payable Description. (Refer Image 2)

Image 2

3. Change the text according to your preference. (Refer Image 3)

4. There will be 2 parameters for this field:

a. {0} – Refers to the percentage of tax.

b. {1} – Refers to the total taxable amount of the document (not including zero rated amount)

5. After change, click on the OK button.

6. You can now preview or print your transactions. You will find the description have been changed according to what you have typed in the GST Payable Description field. (Refer Image 4)

Image 4

By: Jae Sen, 171014, KM 171016, P171020

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