Sales: How to amend the Notes at the bottom left of an Invoice report

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Question: How to amend the Notes at the bottom left of an Invoice report?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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Step 1: Go to Sales> Invoice, Click on Report at Menu bar, and then click Design Document Style Report.

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Step 2: Select the report format that you wish to amend, and then click on Design.

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Step 3: In the report design screen, scroll down to the bottom part of the report. Then you will see your Notes over there.

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Step 4.1: If you want to edit the content of an existing label, double click on the label that you wish to edit.

Ignore Step 4.2 to 4.5 and proceed to Step 5 if you only want to edit existing note.

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Step 4.2: If you want to add in an extra note instead of edit the existing notes, you need to right click on the existing label, and then click on Copy.

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Step 4.3: Right click on any empty space, and then click on Paste.

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Step 4.4: A label will be pasted, select the label and hold the left click, and then move the label to your preferred location.

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Step 4.5: Double click on pasted label and modify the content as you desired.

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Step 5: Go to File and then click on Save As... Then save the newly designed report format with a different file name.

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By: CY 170818, KM 170821, P170821

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