Sales: How to block certain users from editing unit price in invoice

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Question: How to block certain users from editing unit price in invoice?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


There are 2 ways to block user to edit unit price.

Method 1: Go to General Maintenance > User Maintenance

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Click on Access Rights.

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Under Invoicing > Sales > Invoice > Can Edit Unit Price, remove the user access rights for selected users.

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Method 2: Go to Tools > Option. Under Invoicing > Document Control 2, uncheck the option of “Can Edit Unit Price

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Note: This option will affect all users. All users will not be unable to edit unit price for an invoice.

To determine which method to be used, you can go to Tools > System Option Policy. Under ‘Can Edit Unit Price”, define the setting that you wish to apply.

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By: Michelle 180115, KM 180130, P180202

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