Sales: How to refresh Invoices account number assigned from Stock Group posting account?

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Question: I have changed stock group sales posting account, can I refresh all existing Invoices account number to use newly set Sales account number?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Yes, you can.

If there are not many invoices to refresh, you may edit Invoice one by one, click on Edit tab, click on Refresh Account Number, the system will refresh the account number.

If too many invoices are involved, you may perform repost transactions at AutoCount Management Studio.

1) Log in AutoCount Management Studio, go to Data Consistency > Repost Sales/Purchase/Stock Transactions.

2) Filter the date range, check on the checkbox for documents you wish to repost, example ‘Invoice’ and enable ‘Re-update Account No. From Item Group and Default Accounts’. Then click on the ‘Start Repost’.

By: Ju Lee 230216, Lay Swan 230217, P230222

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