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Question: How to set printer to auto print receipt or invoice and trigger cash drawer to open automatically after saving a new transaction in Cash Sale?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Step 1: Go to Sales > Cash Sales.

Step 2: Click on Create a new Cash Sale.

Step 3: Go to Tools > Cash Sale Option.

Step 4: Select Print for After Save Action if you want the receipt or invoice to be printed automatically after you save the Cash Sale.

Note: You have to set default report format for Cash Sales. Else, system will prompt you a message box to let you select which report to print.

Step 5: Check the Open Cash Drawer After Save option if you want the cash drawer open automatically after you save the Cash Sale.

Open Cash Drawer Before Lengthy Save Operation: By enable this option, the cash drawer will open first before you successfully save the Cash Sale. Check this option if your system takes very long times to save a transaction. This can facilitate the process of changing money and wouldn’t let customer to wait for long time.

Port: Select your Cash Drawer port. Either COM or LPT ports. Besides COM and LPT ports, you may select Printer Name from the list and then fill in your printer name if your cash drawer is attached to your receipt printer.

Command to open cash drawer (COM/LPT Port): In Command to open cash drawer section, you can either check Use default command or Use Command Directly.

• Use default command: Use AutoCount default COM/LPT port command to open your cash drawer.

• Use Command Directly: Key in Command here to open the cash drawer.

*There is very rare case that the cash drawer require other command to open, only check this option when you need special command to trigger cash drawer.

Step 6: Click on OK to finish the setup.

Now, receipt or invoice should be able to print out automatically from printer and cash drawer will be opened automatically as well.

By: CY 170914, KM 170914, P170920

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