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Question: Can the system hide those batch no. with zero balance when creating/editing Sales Invoice?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Yes. AutoCount provides flexibility to show or hide your Item’s Batch Number that has no available stock (0 balance). This option can be found under Tools > Options > Invoicing > Document Control > “Show Zero Balance Quantity Batch Number in Item Batch Lookup Edit”.
This option may help to reduce human error as users are unlikely to have accidentally selected an item batch number that has 0 stock when creating invoice.

Example: I have an Item that is controlled by Batch Number. Refer to the screenshot below where the Item has 3 different Batch No and Batch 3 has no quantity.

Hide batch no 0.png

By default, the system will show all the batch numbers including those with 0 stock.

Hide batch no 1.png

However, as mentioned earlier, you may set to hide those Batch Number that has 0 balance.

Hide batch no 2.png

And this is an example of which those Batch Number with 0 balance are not shown.

Hide batch no 3.png

By:JS 170721; P170731

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