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Question : What is the difference between Enable 5 Cent Rounding and Enforce 5 Cent Rounding?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Answer :

Go to Tools > Options > Invoicing > 5 Cents Rounding.

There are 3 options: Disable 5 cents rounding, Enable 5 cents rounding and Enforce 5 cents rounding.

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Enable 5 cent rounding :

Enable 5 cent rounding means user has an option (during transaction) to decide whether or not to check the checkbox of “5 cent rounding?”.

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Enforce 5 cent rounding :

Enforce 5 cent rounding means the system will automatically check the checkbox of “5 cent rounding?” and user is not allowed to uncheck it unless he is granted access rights of “Do not enforce 5 cents rounding”.

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Remark :

Access rights control, go to General maintenance > User maintenance > Access rights > Invoicing > Cash Sales > Do not enforce 5 cents rounding.

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If this access rights is not granted, the user will not be able to uncheck the checkbox of “5 cents rounding?” during transaction.

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