Sales Agent Contribution Report

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Sales Agent Contribution Report

This report shows the contributions of sales agents.

Filter Options

Date Range: define the date range from and to.

Sales Agent: choose either No filter, Filter by range or Filter by multi-select

Cancelled Status: choose either Show All, Show Cancelled, or Show Uncancelled

Report Options

Detail Sort by: choose either sort by Document No. or Document Date.

Show Criteria in Report: to show selected options in report

Other Options

Show Sales Detail: to show the details of sales amount. (that specified sales agents)

Show Expenses Detail: to show the details of expenses amount (that specified sales agents).

Show Commission Detail: to show the details of commission amount (that specified sales agents).

Maintain Commission Account: to maintain G/L accounts for commission. The report will obtain total commission by sales agent according to the entries in these commission accounts.

Inquiry: to refresh and show the result of filter options and report options.

Preview: to preview report to be printed

Print: to select printer and print report

Hide Options: to hide the Options portion so that the screen has more space for details. Click on Show Options to show it again.

Close: close the screen

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