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This module allows you to maintain and add in your own scripting for on screen customizations.

Go to Tools > Program Control > Module Setting

By default, the checkbox of Scripting should be enabled for trial license.

Login to Management Studio

To use this feature, you must access to AutoCount Accounting Management Studio.

Go to Start > All Programs > AutoCount Accounting 2.0 > AutoCount Accounting Management Studio 2.0

Add / Maintain Scripting

Go to Tools > Scripting

Highlight to select an entity,

For example, I have selected Sales Order

Click on Edit Script,

1. Choose your Script Language, by default will be C#,

2. Write or place your script in the blank area,

3. Check your script for errors, fix if found any,

4. Save your script,

5. Close the screen when you’re done.


You can now go back to your AutoCount Accounting 2.0 and test run your customization. The result and effect is all depends on what you had put it into your script.

Note: Scripting can be exported from one account book and import to another account book. (Tools > Import/Export User Defined Field, Scripting and Formula)

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