Staff Attendance

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This function allows user to keep track on the attendance of their staff.
Employees enter their password into the provided window to sign in and sign out while Managers/Supervisor/Owner will be able to both edit the attendance sheet of their employees as well as print out a Staff Attendance report to observe the actual hours worked by their employees.

There are 2 ways to access staff attendance:
1. Log in screen:

2. More Function > Counter Operation > Staff Attendance

After accessing the Staff Attendance window, user can start to use the function by entering the valid password assigned to them to sign in or sign out.

A successful sign in or sign out will cause a message window to prompt out the date and time of the action done. Image below shows the signed in status of the staff.

Note: If you are using a touch screen terminal, please touch on the on-screen keyboard to enter your password.

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