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Question : Some items are in negative balance quantity, instead of doing stock adjustment one by one, is there any faster way to set all the negative balance quantity to zero?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

Adj negative1.png

Answer :


1) Login AutoCount Accounting 1.9 Management Studio (may search from Windows search and must login as Admin user).

2) Go to Tools > Reset Stock Balance Quantity.

Adj negative2.png

3) Select the stock adjustment date and click on Inquiry. By default all items are checked, for items you do not wish to adjust, just uncheck it.

Adj negative3.png

4) Click on Create Stock Adjustment, then click on Yes to review the stock adjustment.

Adj negative4.png

5) Here is the stock adjustment.

Adj negative5.png

6) Back to AutoCount Accounting, perform backup and run recalculate stock costing from Tools > Recalculate Stock Costing, click on Calculate.

Adj negative6.png

Adj negative7.png

7) Inquiry Stock Balance again, now those items are in zero balance quantity.

Adj negative8.png

By : Ju Lee 180213, Lay Swan 200601, P200605

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