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Question : Stock Movement Report is used to view/print the summary of in and out movement of stock items by transaction type. In this report, all the documents are shown in abbreviation. What do these abbreviations stand for?

Version : 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0

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BF = Brought Forward Quantity
Qty In GRN = Quantity in Goods Received Note
P/I = Purchase Invoice
C/P = Cash Purchase
SR = Stock Received
ASM/I = Stock Assembly - “In” Quantity (Finished Goods)
ADJ/I = Stock Adjustment - “In” Quantity
XFER/I = Stock Transfer - “In” Quantity (To Location)
UOM/I = Stock UOM Conversion - “In” Quantity (To UOM)
C/N = Credit Note
D/R = Delivery Return
Total In Qty = Total of “In” Quantity
Qty Out D/O = Delivery Order - “Out” Quantity
IN = Invoice
CS = Cash Sale
DN = Debit Note
S/I = Stock Issue
ASM/O = Stock Assembly - “Out” Quantity (Raw material)
ADJ/O = Stock Adjustment - “Out” Quantity
XFER/O = Stock Transfer - “Out” Quantity (From Location)
UOM/O = Stock UOM Conversion - “Out” Quantity (From UOM)
W/OFF = Stock Write Off
P/R = Purchase Return
G/T = Goods Return
Total Out Qty = Total of “Out” Quantity
POS = POS quantity (need to drag out from column-chooser)
CFQty = Carried Forward Quantity

By : Jia Zheng 190215, Lay Swan 190218, P190218

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