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Question: I am using Advanced Multi UOM module, what is the difference of Auto UOM Conversion in Item Maintenance and Automatic UOM Conversion in Options setting?

Version: 1.8 / 1.9 / 2.0


Auto UOM Conversion

At Stock > Stock Item Maintenance, for any item with multi UOM, when the checkbox of Auto UOM Conversion is checked, this means:

... during sales transaction, when the quantity sold (let’s say UOM is PCS) for an item that has insufficient stock (in that UOM), the system will prompt a message saying there is insufficient quantity for that UOM (PCS), and will suggest to convert from other available UOM.

For example:

Create a New Invoice,

Select an item, and key in quantity that is greater than its available stock for a specific UOM,

Click on Save,

Message will be prompted offering you to do UOM Conversion:

Click on Yes, will prompt the screen of Stock UOM Conversion.. (with conversion suggestion)

(If click on No, will prompt the screen of Confirmation for Negative Quantity Stock Items.. )

Note: the system will automatically suggest to convert from nearest UOM. You may amend it or/and click on Save.

Set Automatic UOM Conversion

Go to Tools > Options > Stock > General Stock Setting

Check the checkbox of Automatic UOM Conversion

This setting will automatically perform UOM conversion (when needed) without prompting message screen for confirmation.

This Automatic UOM Conversion works only for items that are marked with Auto UOM Conversion.

By: P@2013, KM 171025, P171103

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