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Default UOM: this default UOM will be used/auto-assigned when creating a new stock item.

Automatic Generation of Item Code Format/Start Number: set a running number format for item codes. When adding a new item at Stock Item Maintenance, look into Item Code field, click on '+' sign to generate item code.

Stock Item Cost Encoding String: key in a string of letters/numbers/symbol for encoding purpose (for stock item Up-To-Date Cost). The first letter/number/symbol will represent '0', the second one represents '1', the third one represents '2' ... and so on till '9'. E.g. KPLCMNHEGF ... K=0, P=1, L=2, ... , F=9.

Enable Multi-Level Assembly: to show multi-level BOM item with details.

Enforce Price > Cost Constraint: to enforce that at Stock Item Maintenance, Selling Price must greater than Standard Cost, else the following message will be prompted:

Allow To Save Empty Batch No: allow to save document with items controlled by batch number but the batch number is not assigned.

Allow to issue out Serial Number not exists in the system: this is to decide whether the users allowed to issue out Serial Number that are not existed in the system. By default, this option is turned off.

Multi Pricing Naming: to rename the pricing name of Price 1-6 at Stock> Stock Item Maintenance.

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