Stock Group Maintenance

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Stock Group Maintenance

This is to maintain stock item groups for the purpose of report filtering and posting to G/L accounts.

You may maintain more than one item group in order to post to different G/L accounts.

Go to Stock > Stock Group Maintenance

Click on New


Item Group: key in the group code

Short Code: key in a short code; it can be used to auto generate stock item code (see Tools > Options > Stock > General Stock Setting)

Description: the description of this item group.

Load Default Accounts: to use the default G/L accounts assign at Tools > Options > G/L > Default Accounts

Note 1: define account code for Sales/Purchase Discount Account only when the option of Line Discount post to separate account is checked. (Tools > Options > Invoicing > Customize Invoicing)

Note 2: define account code for Balance Stock Account only when the option of Use Live Stock Balance in all Financial Reports is checked. (Tools > Options > General > Application Settings)


Rounding Method: choose rounding method for this item group pricing. Will be reflected when create new item with this item group.

Go to menu

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