Stock Take

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Stock Take

Stock Take is used to key in their physical on hand quantity as per date or stock take result. After keying in the result, the system will compare it to the quantity of each item by UOM, by location or by batch and make necessary adjustment.

To Create New Stock Take

Go to Stock > Stock Take

Click on Create A New Stock Take

Functional Buttons:

to merge any same Item Code, UOM, Location and Batch No at the same time delete any line where physical quantity is empty.

to add in item through filtering so that user does not need to add it 1 by 1, can be filter by item code, item group and item type.

recalculate latest balance quantity in the system.

to allow system to post a Stock Adjustment to adjust the item quantity accordingly. A Stock Adjustment entry will prompt with the items auto filled the different quantity between on hand quantity and physical quantity.

to copy a new stock take which previously already save.

to copy an existing stock take to a new stock take.

Click on Save & Preview,

Post to Stock Adjustment

The system will auto generate the stock adjustment with the item filled.

Click on Save.

Print Stock Take Listing

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