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This option helps user to maintain the terminal (POS Machine) setting that they owned.
For example, if the user having 3 outlets (Penang, Johor and Kuantan), and each outlet has 2 terminals, then the user will be required to maintain 6 terminals (6 POS machine).

To create a new Terminal:
1. Click New.
2. Key in the Terminal ID and other related information that is needed.
3. Click ‘OK’ to save.

To edit an existing Terminal:
1. Highlight the Terminal ID which would like to be edited.
2. Click Edit.
3. Edit the data which would like to be changed.
4. Click ‘OK’ to save.

Terminal ID: The primary and unique ID that representing this terminal.
Description: Words to describe this terminal.
Testing: If this checkbox was checked and synced in front end, this terminal will be under testing mode and all transaction is under testing. Uncheck it and sync in front end for terminal to return live mode.
Active: Check this checkbox if this terminal is active for transaction.
Initial Cash: Counters are required to insert initial cash during open counter, key in the figure to default the initial cash value.
Project No: All the transactions under this terminal will be posted to the selected project code. Project module must be enabled and project code must be maintained to use this function.
Outlet: Outlet might be the branch owned by the user. One outlet might contain multiple terminal, click on the drop-down button to select the outlet ID that this terminal belongs to.
Department No: Alike as Project No, all the transactions under this terminal will be posted to the selected department number. Department module must be enabled and department number must be maintained in order to use this function.
Option ID: Different terminal might having different function; therefore different option might be required to fulfill the operation needs. Click the dropdown button to select appropriate Option ID and all the option under this Option ID will be applied to this terminal. The option of the option ID can be maintained at POS Option Maintenance.
Location to Check Stock Level: Allow Check Stock Level in POS Front-End to work. However, it is best to check stock level via Back-End> Stock Item Inquiry.
For Posting: Assign the Receipt, Payment and Journal Document Number, and account group that applicable to this terminal.
Company Logo: Logo to be displayed in terminal Transaction Screen and Customer Display.

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