Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report

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Top/Bottom Sales Ranking Report

This report shows the top/bottom ranking sales by agent, item, debtor, area....

Filter Options

Date Range: define the date range from and to.

Listing Sequence: choose either Top (highest value) or Bottom (lowest value)

No. of Ranking: define the number of ranking (must be >0)

Ranking Type: choose one of the following options: Debtor, Sales Agent, Area, Debtor Type, Item Code, Item Group, Item Type. (Item Brand, Item Category, Item class if you enabled Advanced Item module)

Other Options: to include Invoice, Cash Sale, Credit Note, Debit Note.

Report Options

Show Detail: to show the detail rows.

Show Criteria in Report: to show selected options in report

Inquiry: to refresh and show the result of filter options and report options.

Preview: to preview report to be printed

Print: to select printer and print report

Hide Options: to hide the Options portion so that the screen has more space for details. Click on Show Options to show it again.

Close: close the screen

Click on Preview,

Go to menu

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