Troubleshooting: AOTG - Last Month records not found

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Question : Why is the grid listing of Sale Invoices at AOTG showing ‘No records found’, yesterday I still can see the listing of transaction.

Possible Reason :

AOTG will always load only the data only of current month, from day 1 up to current log in date. This is to speed up loading time and to prevent heavy data loading.
If today is 01/02/2019, it will filter 01/02/19 to 01/02/19, which can be having ‘no records found’ if there was no transaction being created so far for the day.

Solution :

If you wish to show previous month’s transaction, just modify the from Date and click on Search. The past month’s records will be displayed.

By : CK 190124, Lay Swan 190308, P190311

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