Troubleshooting: AOTG can’t Create Transaction -Transaction date xx/xx/xxxx is not in the maintained fiscal year range…

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Question : When I try to create document dated 04/01/2019, system prompted ‘Transaction date 04/01/2019 is not in the maintained Fiscal Year Range (01/01/2016 to 31/12/2018), if you want to enter transaction date outside the Fiscal Year Range, please go to Tools | Manage Fiscal Year to add new Fiscal Year.’ But I can’t find Tools inside AOTG. What should I do?

Possible Reason :

AOTG Fiscal Year is following setting in AutoCount Accounting Fiscal Year, in which the fiscal year for 2019 has not yet been added.

Solution :

Add the fiscal year 2019.

In AOTG there is no Manage Fiscal Year tools, you have to do it in AutoCount Accounting. Go to Server and login AutoCount Accounting to add the new fiscal year.

Please refer to the following link on the steps how to add a new fiscal year:

Troubleshooting: Valid document date is between 01/01/2017 and 31/12/2018

After added new fiscal year, go to Services and look for AOTGClient Service, right click and select for restart the service.

Now you will be able to save the Invoice.

By : CK 190104, Lay Swan 190111, P190114

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