Troubleshooting: AOTG did not follow AutoCount’s Auto Price

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Question: When I key in Invoice at AOTG, why the unit price always follow item maintenance price? But when I key in Invoice at AutoCount system, it will follow pricing that I set in item price book.

Possible Reason:

User did not enable auto price options at AOTG web page.


To enable, you need to Login AOTG.

1. At top right corner of the screen, which you shall see your name and login id, click Setting > Administration,

2. Click Account Books,

3. Click on to edit the account book,

4. At Sales, check the checkbox of Enable item auto pricing on sales document. [Beta] and Save.

Remark : By enabling auto pricing option, AOTG will retrieve from AutoCount Server and this will cause slight delay in refreshing the unit price of stock item in document entry screen.

By: CK 180703, Lay Swan 180706, P180709

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