Troubleshooting: Failed to filter certain sales agent name on AOTG

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Question : I want to filter the Sales Agent A on AOTG. After I checked the Agent name and Save, system shows User document control has been successfully updated. But the agent name reverts to uncheck. Why?

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Possible Reason :

Sales Agent code at AutoCount is ended with a space. AOTG does not support any space before & after the code.

Solution :

1) Login AutoCount Accounting and go to Tools > Change Code > Change Sales Agent.

Filter sales agent3.png

2) Click on the ‘+’ and select the Sales Agent A, system will highlight the Agent Code, from there you can see this Agent Code is ended with a space.

Filter sales agent4.png

Due to AOTG does not support any space before & after the code, you will need to change the Sales Agent code at AutoCount.

3) Do a backup before change code. Change the Sales Agent code from A to A1 and click on Change.

Filter sales agent5.png

4) Change it back from A1 to A (without space)

Filter sales agent6.png

5) Restart AOTG services & re-login AOTG website.

Filter sales agent7.png

And you will success in filtering the Sales Agent A and Save.

Filter sales agent8.png

By : CK 171215, Lay Swan 181005,P181015

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