Troubleshooting: Set deny report template for AOTG External User error-The custom error module does not recognize this error

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Question: When I set deny the report templates for AOTG external user, an error prompted “The custom error module does not recognize this error.”

Deny template error1.png

Possible Reason:

Your current login user access group does not have set report template access permissions.


1) Go to Administration Control Panel > Access Group.

Deny template error2.png

Deny template error3.png

2) Click on “View” icon.

Deny template error4.png

3) Go to tab “General”, click on “Edit”, check the checkbox “Set report template access permissions”, then click on “Save”.

Deny template error5.png

4) Relogin AOTG.

5) Go to Administration Control Panel > Debtor Access Control, and select “Template” icon.

Deny template error6.png

Set the deny template name, and click on Save. Now you should successfully update the deny report templates.

Deny template error7.png

By: Christine 230412, Lay Swan 230425, P230426

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