Troubleshooting Payroll:Login failure for the workstation – Cannot create concurrent user lock file…

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Question: Why can’t I login into payroll from workstation? There is an error message prompted ’Cannot create concurrent user lock file, please make sure you have full access right in \\CK\Payroll\NETDIR.’ I’ve configured the payroll and shared the payroll folder at server.

Possible Reason:

Most probably the sharing permission of your server’s payroll folder hasn’t granted access rights to everyone. Default sharing permission for the folder is protected and not to allow other users to edit except Administrator or Own pc user ID.


To grant everyone access of the sharing permission for payroll folder.

Go to Payroll directory:

64bit Operating System

Go to C:\Program Files (x86) \AutoCount\; right click on ‘Payroll’ folder and click on Properties.

32bit Operating System

Go to C:\Program Files\AutoCount\; right click on ‘Payroll’ folder and click on Properties.

Select Sharing > Advanced Sharing

Click on Permissions

Check the checkbox of Full Control and click on OK.

Click on Security and Edit

Click on Add button…

Type ‘everyone’ into column and click on OK.

Check the checkbox of ‘Full Control Box’ and click on OK to save the setting.

You will be able to login into payroll program from workstation now.

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