Troubleshooting Payroll: EPF amount in payroll transaction does not follow EPF Table

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Question : The basic salary is RM 4380, EPF amount should be RM 482 as per EPF table, but payroll transaction has deducted RM 484. Why?

Possible Reason :

There was bonus created from Bonus Processor and affected total EPF.

Solution :

1) Go to Bonus Processor to check the Bonus Amount (RM 3000) and employee EPF Amount (RM 330).

2) Open Past Payroll for Jan’2018.

3) Next, total income is the sum of Bonus and Basic Salary = RM 3000 + RM 4380 = RM 7380.

Go to Payroll > Maintenance > EPF Table, refer to total income RM 7380, Employee EPF will be RM 814

EPF amount for Payroll Transaction (after deducted EPF amount of bonus)
= RM 814 – RM 330 (which is deducted in Bonus Processor)
= RM 484

By : Lay Swan 190228, P190308

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