Troubleshooting Payroll: Error ‘Mismatch in datapacket’ when edit an employee

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Question: when I click on save button after editing an employee, system prompts me an error message ‘Mismatch in datapacket’. Why can’t I save the modified record?

Mismatch in packet 1.png

Possible Reason:

This is due to you didn’t fill in the join date when create a new employee. System will auto-fill in the join date as the date you create this employee. This is a known issue as error message will prompt out when you edit this employee again.


Login SQL console, browse the database file. Database file is usually located at C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoCount\Payroll\Data.

Mismatch in packet2.png

Drill down to EMPLOYEE and find the EMPLOYEE_KEY for the related employee.

Mismatch in packet3.png

Key in the query as below:

update EMPLOYEE set joindate='01/01/18' where employee_key=93

Then click on Execute.

Note: You may modify the join date and employee key as these 2 variables may be vary.

Mismatch in packet4.png

Click on OK to exit from SQL Console, you will be able to re-edit the employee.

By: Julee 180202, KM 180327, P180403

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