Universal Import Troubleshooting: Browse the template but contains did not show

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Question : I am using Universal Import to Import Sales Invoice and I've maintained the template, but it did not show the contains after I browse the template.

Possible Reason :

Your templates include others document sheet, and system will always import the first sheet if you did not manage any form setting.

Solution (1) :

1) Right click on Invoice’s sheet and click on Move/Copy.

2) Choose move to before Quotation and click on OK

3) The Invoice’s sheet is moved to first sheet now, and you may Save the template and do import again and successfully load the contains.

Solution (2) :

1) You may manage form setting at Import > Settings

2) Check on use Sheet Name? and click on Edit

3) As your template for Sales Invoice named Invoice, so key in the sheet name with Invoice and click on Save.

4) Click on Save again and click on OK. Then do the import and browse the template.

By : Lay Swan 181127, P181204

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