View Transaction Summary

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View Transaction Summary

This is used to view monthly summary of transactions by journal type. You may also search for transactions detail listing and drill in to the source documents.

Go to G/L > View Transaction Summary

Keyword: key in keyword(s) related to Search Criteria and Scope, then click on Search to list the search result. Leave it blank to search 'all'.

Search: to execute search and display search result

Clear Search: to clear the previous search criteria and keyword

Search Criteria: select the search criteria

Scope: to select search scope either all transaction or currently highlighted batch

Advanced Search: to further define search criteria (involve more fields)

View Batch Details: to display the transaction details of selected (highlighted) batch

Refresh: to refresh the screen

Close: to close the screen

Highlight one of the journal types (and month), click on View Batch Details.

Show Transaction Description: to show the column of Transaction Description in Details portion

Show Control Account: to show the Debtor/Creditor Control account instead of personal account in Summary portion.

Refresh: to refresh the screen

Hide Options: to hide the Options portion so that the screen has more space for details. Click on Show Options to show it again.

Close: close the transaction screen

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