Voucher Maintenance

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Point of Sale > Maintenance > Voucher Maintenance

This option helps users to create and maintain Vouchers that will be used in their business.

To create a new Voucher:
1. Click New.
2. Key in the Voucher Type and other related information that is needed.
3. Click ‘OK’ to save.

To edit an existing Voucher:
1. Highlight the Voucher Type which would like to be edited.
2. Click Edit.
3. Edit the data which would like to be changed.
4. Click ‘OK’ to save.

Voucher Type: Assign a name for the voucher. For example, "Cash Voucher RM 100". This will be primary and unique ID that representing this voucher.
Description: Voucher’s description.
Internal Voucher: Check this option if this batch of voucher type contains a series of unique voucher number.
Note: if the voucher is internal voucher, the system will validate the voucher in POS front end. For non-internal voucher, system does not validate the voucher, user can enter any voucher number and any voucher amount.
Voucher No. Format: Voucher running number format. For my example, 'V' is the prefix, and '<00000>' is the running number.
Start Number: The starting number for the Voucher No.
End Number: The ending number for the Voucher No.
Sample: While you are typing the voucher number format, a sample voucher number is displayed for immediate view of the output.
From Date: The start date of voucher’s validity.
To Date: The end date of voucher’s validity.
Minimum Purchase Amt.: The minimum amount to be spent by customer to use this voucher.
For All Outlet: If checked, this voucher is applicable to all outlet.
Cash Value: The cash value of this this voucher.
Payment Method: Select the payment method for this credit card type, all the amount collected will be posted to corresponding account of the payment type.

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