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Main Window Interface (Home Screen)

AutoCount Accounting 2.0 has a very powerful home screen which can be used as a tool for data tracking. It is always important to keep track of your own company business data and performance to know the current situation of your company and can be used as a reference for further decisions and actions in the future.

Main Features of Home Screen:

1. Customizable home screen to suit individual’s preference.

2. Import and Export function to share your customized home screen design.

3. Tiles and tablet-like design to support touch screen devices.

4. Multi-functional tiles for better user experience in

5. Widgets including charts and graphs to show summarized information.

6. Drill down function on charts and graphs for further insight analysis of data.

Default Home Screen

Customized Home Screen with Widgets

Customize Settings

The home screen offers user to customize some of the component and design to their preference. You can customize most of it by the customize setting button on the top right corner of your home screen.

Layout Mode

1. Flow Layout – Widget will be arranged in a flow pattern decided by user. Pattern available: Left to Right, Right to Left, Bottom Up and Bottom Down.

Left to Right

Right to Left

Bottom Up

Bottom Down

2. Stacked Layout – Widget will be arranged in a stacked pattern.

3. Table Layout – Widget will be arranged in a table pattern where the rows and columns size are prefixed. However, widget can consume more than 1 row or column space for better viewing and presentation.


1. Coloured Widget – To set colours to the widget

2. Background Image – To upload your own image as background.

View Action

1. Dock All – To arrange all widgets without overlapping against each other on the screen.

2. Float All – Widgets are free and not lock to specific pattern or arrangement. Can be moved across the screen as you like.

3. Mix – Click this to randomly arrange the widgets on the screen.


1. Widget Setting – To customize with available widgets.

There will be a widget listing showing the current applied widgets in your home screen.

Functional Buttons

Add: Add widget to home screen

Edit: Edit widget type, text and data interval(s)

Remove: Remove widget from home screen

Customize: Customize widget properties

Workspace Manager

Import: Import AutoCount Main Screen Workplace file

Export: Export AutoCount Main Screen Workplace file

Workplaces: Choose from pre-created workplace templates

Reset to Default: Reset home screen to default design and setting

Adding a widget

Click on the Add button

Widget: Choose your Widget. You can select from the available list. Current supported Widgets include:

- Function

- Monthly Sales Purchase

- Monthly Sales Collection

- Sales Collection by Agent

- Debtor / Creditor Aging

- Top Sales Ranking

- Debtor Top Sales Ranking

- Monthly Financial

- Top 10 Outstanding Debtor

- Top 10 Outstanding Creditor

Display Text: Caption or display text for widget header.

Update Data Interval: Duration to refresh the widget (in seconds)

Customize: Customize widget properties and behaviour based on the selected widget. Each widget may have different properties and behaviour to be customized. For example:

You can set your filter date range, document options and preference to automatic set date (capture latest date) or not in Debtor Top Sales Ranking Chart.

Special Topic: Customizing Function Widget

The Function widget is the core widget in AutoCount used to display the tiles shortcut / icon that access to different common functions and entry in the system.

Function Widget

Tile(s) Function

Left Click: To create a new maintenance or transaction

Right Click: To access the current maintenance or transaction list

Magnifying Glass: To access the find dialog to search for maintenance or transactions

Customize Function Widget

1. Available Functions – Display the available functions.

2. Selected Functions – Display the selected or chosen functions to be displayed in home screen. Any functions that you wish to see in your home screen must appear in this section.

  • Group – Display the current grouping of the function. Grouping starts from left to right, starting from Group ID 0.

  • Item Order – Display the order of function. Tiles order starts from top to bottom, starting from Order ID 0.

  • Large Tile? – Check to display the function in larger tile

  • Show Animation – Check to enable animation for the function tile. If enabled, the tile will show some summary information of the function.

3. Functional Button 1:

• Select – To select available functions

• Deselect – To deselect selected functions

• Select All – To select all available functions

• Deselect All – To deselect all selected functions

4. Functional Button 2:

• Move up – To move function order up

• Move Down – To move function order down

• Create Group – To create a new group for highlighted function

• Merge with Previous Group – To merge with previous group for highlighted function

5. Tile Size – Set tile size between small, medium or large

6. Reset to Default – To reset everything

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