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Question: When I enter an item in Sales Invoice, it will prompt a dialog to key in New Current Service Mileage. If I add 10 items, it will prompt 10 times. Is it any way to turn it off?


Yes, there was an access right to disable the pop-up.
Currently the alert keep prompting is because the user did not key in their current service mileage after selected an item. It will not prompt again when at the first item, user had keyed in current service mileage.

To grant the access right, go to General Maintenance > Access Right Maintenance > PlugIns > Workshop PlugIns.
1. Select ‘Disable Service Mileage calculation pop-up during Item entering’.
2. Select UserID.
3. Click on ‘Apply’.

After grant the access right, the New Current Service Mileage will no longer prompt upon selecting item.

By: Christine 230705, Lay Swan 230710, P230721

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