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Question: After I installed Workshop Plugin 2.0 and relogin AutoCount, the Workshop Info tab is not shown. How can I customize the layout?

Workshop layout1a.png

Answer (1):

Workshop layout is loaded after you installed the plug in and you may have set the Workshop layout as default layout.

1) Right click on the blank space and choose Layout Manager.

Workshop layout2.png

2) Select on Workshop-IV and click Set as Default Layout.

Workshop layout3.png

3) Relogin AutoCount, and now the Workshop into tab is shown.

Workshop layout4.png

Answer (2):

You may customize the layout by pull out the UCWorkShopInfo.

1) Right click on the blank space and choose Customize Layout.

Workshop layout5.png

2) Right click on the blank space again, then click on Add Tab.

Workshop layout6a.png

3) Now you can see one new tab is added. Then look for the UCWorkShopInfo and drag the field into newly added tab.

Workshop layout7a.png

4) Now you can see all your Workshop info fields. Then you can go to the Layout Tree View to rename the UDF text name.

Workshop layout8a.png

5) Right click on the blank space and click on Save Layout and set as Default Layout.

Workshop layout9.png

Workshop layout10.png

By: Soh Wee 220811, Lay Swan 220826, P220829

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