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Question : I already committed my payroll process 2.0 (Image 1). Why is employee self service/ mobile app no showing payslip? (Image 2)

CommittedButNoPayslip 01.png
Image 1

CommittedButNoPayslip 02.png
Image 2

Possible Reason :

Payslip not yet release.

Solution :

1) Go to Payroll > Payroll Management > Process Payroll 2.0.

CommittedButNoPayslip 03.png

2) Select the month and click view.

CommittedButNoPayslip 04.png

3) Scroll to the bottom and look for Number of employees. You can select Send Notification & Release Payslip Now and Apply.

CommittedButNoPayslip 05.png

4) Click Yes to confirm.

CommittedButNoPayslip 06.png

5) Now September payslip can be previewed in employee self service/mobile app.

CommittedButNoPayslip 07.png

By : ChenOng 221014, Azirah 221014, P221027

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