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Question : I have created only 1 company in my subscription but from the main screen it show total 3 companies. Why and how can I remove the other 2 companies?

Company List

Remove company1 1.png

Possible Reason :

The other 2 companies (XXXX Sdn Bhd & ZZZ TOO SDN BHD) are created by other Subscribers and you has been invited to access it (Shared with me).

Solution :

You are not allowed to remove those companies because you are not the subscriber for these companies.

Only its subscriber users may remove you from their users list. Only then, the companies (XXXX Sdn Bhd & ZZZ TOO SDN BHD) will disappear from your main screen.

Please refer to How can I remove the created user from User Maintenance

By : Aisyah 181101, Lay Swan 181115, P181119

Updated by Aisyah 200518, Azirah 200519, P200519

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