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G/L > Default Accounts

This is the master setting of G/L Accounts for posting purpose.

You are advised to assign G/L accounts here, though you may have assigned G/L Account Code at Stock Group Maintenance. If any of the stock items does not belong to any Stock Group, its posting to G/L accounts will base on this Default Accounts.

One benefit of assigning G/L Account Code here is it allows you to click on ‘Load from Default’ during Stock Group Maintenance.

Beside this default G/L Account setting and Stock Group Maintenance, other places to assign G/L Accounts are:

  • General Maintenance > Posting Account Group Maintenance (to be used in Debtor/Creditor Maintenance)
  • During transaction, at the detail grid.

Balance Stock Account for Live Stock Balance: You need to define account code for Balance Stock Account only when the option of Use Live Stock Balance in all Financial Reports is checked. (Tools > Options > General > Application Settings).

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