Pos3/5/FNB: Login to POS Backend with Error Fail to connect AutoCount Server Service

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Question :

When I login POS Backend it prompts error message as below:

Fail to connect AutoCount Server Service.

Please check the following:

i) AutoCount Server is version or above, and the service is started.

ii) Firewall is opened.

iii) Port Number is valid.


Possible Reason :

Most probably you did not install the correct version of AutoCount Server.

AutoCount Server Service is not started or Port Number is different.

Solution :

1. Check services status.


2. Check Port No.

Look for AutoCount server icon at taskbar > right click AutoCount Server (AutoCount Backup) > AutoCount Server Setting


3. AutoCount default Server Port is 19500 > Save & Apply (if you can’t use 19500, and need to change to others number, refer to step 5.)


4. Click OK


5. Login screen > right click your account book > Remote License setting > set your own port number > OK


6. Login POS Backend > Tools > Options > Category General > Miscellaneous > Change Backup Service Port: (my sample is 19510) > OK > Re login POS Backend


By: CK 20220919, Jacky 20221222, P221227 [000373]

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