Pos3/5/FNB: Multi filters option causes some items not displayed

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Question :

I set multi filters in Branch Stock Balance Report, and notice few items not displayed upon Inquiry? If I set all to No Filter everything is OK.

Possible Reason :

Check you setting of filter options and Item Maintenance. If everything is correct, try to clear windows cache or temporally files.

Solution :

Exit all AutoCount system > go to Windows Explorer > key in %appdata% > press Enter.

Right click on AutoCount folder, click on Cut and Paste it on Windows Desktop. (Do not worry as if this folder is cut, the system will auto generate a new one upon login.)

Now try to login POS again, and inquiry Branch Stock Balance Report. Now you should be able to see all items.

In case there is any plugin missing or not functioning. Go to Windows Desktop, locate the AutoCount folder that you have pasted here just now

Select your system folder either FnB or POS > double click on the folder

Double click on your database folder (AED_XXX@XXXA2006).

At search text box, key in the phrase \Plugin Cache at the end of the pathname > press Enter

Copy all folders listed.

Jot down (or copy) the pathname after …\Desktop (e.g. \AutoCount\POS\AED_SIN_FE@.A2006\Plugin Cache)

Open a fresh Windows Explore, key in %appdata% then follow by the copied pathname. (e.g. %appdata%\AutoCount\POS\AED_SIN_FE@.A2006\Plugin Cache)

Paste all the listed folders you have copied earlier from Plugin Cache  select Replace the files in the destination.

It’s done. Now you may login the system to check on plugin features.

By: CK 200605, Jacky 200731, P200805 [000074]

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